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Crawling Spider: A Tribute to Mike Montgomery and Paul Kossoff. Great Music.Great Cause.

Crawling Spider - The songs of Mike Montgomery. A project by Marlon Montgomery. A tribute to the talents of singer-keyboardist Michael John Montgomery, and a special salute to the sounds of Paul Kossoff.

From Marlon Montgomery - "By recording my Dad's songs with the incredible musicians we have on-board, I hope not only to honor my father’s memory, talent and love of rock and roll, but to connect his past to our present by creating a true musical statement. We will be revisiting the various chapters in my father's career, recording the songs true to their original intent, but with a modern twist for 2015."
 Now is the time! 
* 2015 is the 40th anniversary of Back Street Crawler's album 'The Band Plays On'
* 25 years since my Dad (Mike Montgomery's) passing 
* 40 years since for Paul Kossoff's death 

I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you, culminating with the album's release this summer. 

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"Crawling Spider: A Tribute To The Songs Of Michael Montgomery" 
(Dad's nickname was spider, and he was in the band Back Street Crawler.) The project is a tribute album to the fantastic songs that were written by my father when he played with Paul Kossoff (ranked the 51st greatest guitar player of all-time by Rolling Stone Magazine) and other amazingly talented musicians and bands . The songs will be re-recorded by former band mates, friends, and those that my Dad may have influenced through his songwriting. 

Mike Montgomery - Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals:
Recorded with with Johnny Nash, David Bowie, Blood Sweat & Tears. Moved to London from New York to form Back Street Crawler with Paul Kossoff in 1975. Left Crawler in 1976 and recorded solo album with an all-star cast of friends (Thin Lizzy, Blood Sweat and Tears, Meatloaf, etc...).  Past away in 1991 after a hard fought battle with Lung Cancer. 

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