Friday, May 1, 2015

NYC gritty Americana trio "Ten Ton Man"..raw, intense roots..upcoming EP release

Americana band Ten Ton Man are a trio of music veterans whose music has been getting rave reviews from all over the blogosphere in the US and UK. Fronted by baritone/guitarist Paul Livornese, they have been compared favorably to Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young.  The Aquarian calls them "a well-oiled machine" from whom you can "expect a home run hit."  Rock Bandom describes their music as "vocally superb, lyrically supreme and the music is pure honest blues/rock.” Mad Mackerel calls their single "Lifesaver" a "perfect example of their gritty, tense, and sometimes downright morose Americana, delivering a perfect juxtaposition of catchy melody and ultimately downbeat lyrics."

Marty's verdict: raw, gritty, intense and with firm tentacles in roots music, Ten Ton Man prick your ears up and open the mind to a wall of visual sound that is also dark and brooding and demands your pay them plenty!

They are planning to release a new EP this fall.  Check out some of their music on soundcloud from their debut album and last EP Chunk of Change below:

..and 2 of their recent videos....

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