Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ed Muirhead...Dundee singer,songwriter, piano champ, releases new album "Day Job"

New-fashioned Folksongs about love and life, people and places.

Singer-songwriter, Ed Muirhead, is from Dundee, Scotland. He has just released his new album "Day Job" with his band, The Banter. The album consists of 12 tracks of blues, roots and more plus a few bonuses on the limited run of CDs.  His last album was Simple Life in 2013, and the new album has a fuller band sound this time, with drums, bass, brass section & harmonica by Gav McGinty (of Sinderins/AMWF).

This summer Ed plans to give up his day job as an engineer for 17 years to study music therapy & do loads more with music.

Marty's review: I have had the pleasure to sample 4 tracks of this new album. Combining instruments such as acoustic guitar, piano, organ, brass and harmonica, Ed and The Banter present us with a sound that is rootsy and uncluttered, and also simple but polished production. "High Girder" is a brisk, uptempo number that tells the story of the Tay Bridge collapse of 1879 and Ed wrote it last year while walking his dog near the bridge every day. They used the grand piano at Dundee University and managed to get locked in the day they recorded! "Hard" is an acoustic guitar only backing combined with Ed's slightly whimsical vocals and lyrics ("The harder I work, the luckier I get/This journey is long, but it's not over yet"). "Daisy" is about love that is new and promising, and "Well Worthwhile" is more about being grateful and thankful for the love you have ("You've turned my life around/Used to be so lost and now I'm found"). The brass backing on 2 of these tracks is jaunty yet subtle and gives the sound a fullness that is welcoming. Ed's vocals are reminiscent of artists like Tom Waits and A J Croce and this album I'm sure will find him many new fans.

The album is out on Tattie Records.

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