Saturday, April 4, 2015

Women In Blues...documentary in the making....interview with producer Lisa Eiseman

Currently in production is an upcoming documentary on women in blues music (interestingly) called "Women in Blues" (by U N Me Productions), which celebrates women who sing or play the blues. It will feature interviews with several legendary blues women including Deitra Farr, Susan Tedeschi and Ana Popovic. The producers are particularly excited to have recently secured Beth Hart and Grammy-Award Nominee Ruthie Foster. 

Part of the film has already been filmed in the US and the producers have launched a campaign on KICKSTARTER to help source the remaining funds necessary for completion. They are very excited about this project (as we are at The Blues and Roots Music Blog) as they believe it will provide a rare insight into the experience of female blues musicians (many of whom have overcome personal struggles of various kinds) in a male-dominated musical arena. 

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Producer Lisa Eiseman was kind enough to grant us this interview:

Marty: Who are you and what is your involvement with the documentary?
Lisa: I'm the creator, director and producer of "Women in Blues".

Marty: What was the instigation for the documentary?
Lisa: My dad was a blues pianist. I grew up in a tiny 3 bedroom house with 5 older sisters and one small living room but that never stopped my dad from banging out the blues. This is where my love of blues music started.

Marty: Who and what can we expect to see in the doc?
LisaYou will find that this is a charter-driven documentary. You find out what makes these ladies do what they love doing and why they will never give up. Some of the artists already lined up are Deitra Farr, Grana Louise, Holle The Maxwell, Joanna Connor, Susan Tedeschi, Ruthie Foster, Ana Popovic and many many more!

Marty: How do you see the role and importance of women in blues history and contemporary blues music?
Lisa: Women were the backbone of Gospel, and that's where the blues started. The women sang in church, they sang in the fields, it was the hum of their music that kept things tolerable and instigated their strong Faith. Blues music is changing greatly. It will always be around, but there seems to be a new breed of white female guitarist artists touring around. It's interesting.

Marty: What is the level of interest in female blues musicians today compared to their male counterparts?
Lisa: So far, I've discovered that it isn't easy being a woman in a male dominated industry.  Men still get more gigs than women.

Marty:When do you hope to see the documentary completed and where will it be shown?
Lisa: We are aiming for Theatrical Release at the end of 2015. I am passionate about this project and so far it's all self-funded. We really need help from the community to help us see this project through. 

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