Monday, April 6, 2015

O Fisher..International Alternative Blues-Rock band release new EP Deadwood

"O Fisher" are a blues/alternative rock band that formed at university in Scotland over a shared interest in blues music. Their bass player, Declan, is originally from north-west England, but the rest of the band originate from all over the world (Australia, Slovakia, Brazil, Korea...). They have since developed a sound that taps into old school blues whilst throwing in some cross-genre twists. 

They have just released a new EP titled Deadwood, and are keen to share their music with fellow blues artists and roots music followers. Take some time out and discover their sounds and let them know what you think.

Marty's review: Combining elements of blues and roots music including harmonica, acoustic guitars and piano with a contemporary, electric, alternative sound, O Fisher's Deadwood EP is a solid collection of songs that packs more punches than a pair of rookie boxers in the ring. The 5 killer tracks are the title track Deadwood - a 5 minute epic that builds into a crescendo wall of sound and is straight out of the Louisiana bayou, Leg Shakin' Sweetspot is a rollicking blues that will have you moving along, Leave Me alone starts as a slower electric blues-rock shuffle and develops into an all out rocker, Wayfarer is a shorter, slightly folk/rock effort and Roadrunner is blues-rocker with tight rhythms, honky-tonk piano and wailing harmonica that will leave you wanting more. An excellent debut that deserves repeated listens.

Check out the links below for more on O Fisher:
Website (click on the heads for more info!)..includes EP download

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