Thursday, April 2, 2015

London based blues band, Blues Engine, release new single "Valentine" plus 2 more tracks

Blues Engine have been featured on this blog previously (click here to go to original post). They are a London based blues band who formed in September 2013 and performed their first gig at Ronnie Scott's bar on January 30th 2014.

They have just released a new single "Valentine" plus 2 more tracks, "This Little Heart" and "Tumbledown. They are currently working on a fourth single and plan on completing an album by summer 2015. These will be available on iTunes shortly.

Blues Engine are:
·    Katya Chernyakova (Vocals), raised by wolves in the Russian forests;
·    Alex Cooray (Guitar), trapped among humans until the UFO comes back for him;
·    Alex Liutai (Bass), trained in the secret temple by the Monks of Fun-Ky;

·    Ovais (Drums), built from car parts by the A-Team. 

You can stream and download their music direct from their website here

..and download your FREE track here

Marty's review: "Valentine" is a smooth, sultry, 6 minute electric blues number that combines searing guitar licks with a tight rhythm and smoky vocals from Katya. "This Little Heart" is an upbeat blues rocker that will have you up and dancing to the hand clapping rhythm and singing along to its, dare I say, catchy lyrics. "Tumbledown" is funky blues that grooves and jumps with all members showing their talents up front. Blues Engine have a sound that is reminiscent of artists like Buddy Guy, Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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