Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Elles Bailey new EP release "Who Am I To Me"...raunchy blues with passion

Elles Bailey hails from Bristol, UK. Herself and her band have just finished a 20 date tour through the UK and Europe promoting the release of her new EP produced by Brian Banks (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie) which was released 23rd Feb 2015. 

"I mix the sound of the blues with a contemporary edge to it and Songwriting Magazine called this EP - "A smokey blues rock record that fizzles with pop appeal".."

You can hear the EP at soundcloud here

Marty's review: Elles shines through on this EP with 4 scorching tracks that highlight her passionate, raunchy vocals with tight, electric blues licks that create a surround sound that reverberates around your ears and shakes the foundations. With a slick production that isn't over commercial, the tracks cover upbeat smoky blues numbers "Who Am I to Me", "Heart Go Ooh" and "Howlin' Wolf" and the country tinged ballad "Take Me Back". Definitely one for repeated play....

You can also hear and see them live from a recent gig on the tour (The Convent Club, Stroud) below..

"An amazing singing voice....here is a young girl willing to work hard and earn peoples respect and appreciation" Steve Mellen - The Post

"A smokey blues rock record that fizzles with pop appeal" Damien Girling, Songwriting Magazine

'Bailey’s voice is really rather good. Like, stunningly good. She is the guardian of a soulful, honey-soaked howl freighted by a gravelly, smoky kind of gravity.' Jamie Harper, Soundcheck

'A swaggering, funky undertone laced with a husky, bluesy, soulful voice that permeates images of sitting in a smoke-filled bar, listening to Etta James.' South Sonic

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