Friday, January 9, 2015

Blues Engine...blues at heart with a little bit of funk, soul and rock

Blues Engine are blues at heart, but stretch out a little bit to funk, soul and rock. They formed in London in September 2013, and played their debut gig at Ronnie Scott's bar on 30 January 2014. 

 It’s last call for drinks, but too early to dream away your sorrows.  
 Outside you can taste the rain, and a dark wind bites you as it races by. 
 You hear a sound that draws you to a threshold of a bar, a sound built of the    old machinery of the blues, but with funk and soul and rock bolted on.
  It shakes; it rattles; it dances; it lives.   That’s the sound of the Blues Engine. 

Blues Engine are:
·    Katya Chernyakova (Vocals), raised by wolves in the Russian forests;
·    Alex Cooray (Guitar), trapped among humans until the UFO comes back for        him;
·    Alex Liutai (Bass), trained in the secret temple by the Monks of Fun-Ky;
·    Ovais (Drums), built from car parts by the A-Team. 

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