Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brooklyn Indie Roots duo, Sunshine, release new single "Bowl O'Cherries" and album "Sunshine Nights"

Brooklyn Indie Roots duo, Sunshine (aka Amy Santos and Steven Ferrara), release their sophomore album, Sunshine Nights, on February 10th. Sunshine have been featured previously on this blog when their first album Down and Up Blues was released (click here to see original post).

Sunshine are an artistic partnership based in Brooklyn, NY. They grew up listening to traditional jazz, blues and Americana. Their first full-length, self-produced CD, "Down and Up Blues", is a musical time capsule of songs and experiences from 2009-2013. Listeners will hear these influences throughout the record. Sunshine returned to the studio in September 2014 to record with their 7 piece live band, The Knights. On the forthcoming album, entitled "Sunshine Nights", expect to hear more lush horn arrangements and vocal harmonies. Tracked mostly live, this recording is the result of 7 friends, together in one room, playing music they love. They have performed in NYC, Paris, Rome, Montreal, San Francisco, New Orleans, Austin, Nashville and Mysorre, India.

Sunshine's live band, The Knights, consists of the The Reverend Crawford Forbes on trumpet, Mike Lambert on electric guitar, Pitti on drums, Dylan Thurston on piano, and guest artist from England, Beth Michelle Schofield on clarinet and saxophone.

Click here to listen the new single "Bowl O'Cherries" on Soundcloud.

The album will be released on February 10.  All the usual iTunes etc., but there will also be 1000 downloads of it given away for free at starting February 10th.  

Down and Up Blues, Sunshine's 1st record, order now at:



"Brooklyn band Sunshine‘s new album Down & Up Blues is a playfully shambling, imaginative, lo-fi blend of electric and acoustic blues, old school soul and indie rock. It’s old-timey and at the same time it’s completely in the here and now... Ferrara’s biting guitar lead reminding of Buddy Guy back in the Buddy Guy/Junior Wells days"..... Delarue of New York Music Daily

"Sunshine's debut album is a well produced mix of traditional blues, indie folk and New Orleans style jazz tracks that will appeal to all listeners of quality music." .... Memphis Marty of Blues Music Blog

"Their predominantly bluesy style melded elements from the muddy depths of the art form with catchier almost-pop melodies to create a very pleasing though edgy sound.".... J.McLean of FTB

Friday, January 9, 2015

Blues Engine...blues at heart with a little bit of funk, soul and rock

Blues Engine are blues at heart, but stretch out a little bit to funk, soul and rock. They formed in London in September 2013, and played their debut gig at Ronnie Scott's bar on 30 January 2014. 

 It’s last call for drinks, but too early to dream away your sorrows.  
 Outside you can taste the rain, and a dark wind bites you as it races by. 
 You hear a sound that draws you to a threshold of a bar, a sound built of the    old machinery of the blues, but with funk and soul and rock bolted on.
  It shakes; it rattles; it dances; it lives.   That’s the sound of the Blues Engine. 

Blues Engine are:
·    Katya Chernyakova (Vocals), raised by wolves in the Russian forests;
·    Alex Cooray (Guitar), trapped among humans until the UFO comes back for        him;
·    Alex Liutai (Bass), trained in the secret temple by the Monks of Fun-Ky;
·    Ovais (Drums), built from car parts by the A-Team. 

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bronwynne Brent “DEVIL AGAIN” new release from American roots singer-songwriter

Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, American roots songwriter BRONWYNNE BRENT has the kind of stop-in-your-tracks voice that sounds like Southern sunshine. Though her new album, STARDUST, was recorded in Seattle, it’s the kind of album that could only come out of the South. There’s a hint of Delta blues behind the ache in her songs, a glimpse of honky-tonk twang, an echo of riverboat can-cans, a whiff of Morricone, and an atmosphere of the darker side of country songwriting. 

Harkening back to the glory days of Lee Hazlewood and Gram Parsons, Brent’s songs tap into the dark undercurrent of country that starts with old Appalachian murder ballads and continues to today’s current crop of psychedelic country songwriters. Like a Juke Joint Nancy Sinatra, Bronwynne Brent unites all the best elements of Southern American roots music, and ties these many different influences into a sound that’s comforting and refreshing.

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