Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Micronite Filters new album exclusive, Wizard Blood vinyl project! Campaign now on with sweet rewards


THE MICRONITE FILTERS have evolved into a bluesy rock and roll train that keeps the ants in your pants, and the sweet in your feet. Those of you who know them well know they always want to make music and musical packages that they love and want to share with you all. They REALLY want to put their new project - WIZARD BLOOD on some SUPER-SEXY-PSYCHEDELIC-SWIRLY-RED VINYL! So the album is exclusively available right now to you! in an instant digital download, along with some pretty sweet rewards. Check out their kickstarter campaign to help get this made, and choose a reward from the list that suits you, including their entire back catalogue (with unreleased demos, acoustic stuff, and more), a 3/4 baseball T-shirtmusic lessons with us, a backyard BBQ (OH YEA!),recording time (yep they can do that), and more to come. Don't see something you like? Email them at with an idea and they will consider it! 

 There's something for everyone, and every little bit will help them reach their goal. They will be eternally grateful if they succeed! And you'll get this super-sexy vinyl package that will be bring sweet rockin' vibes to your turntable, ears, hips, and soul.  So please check out the page, watch the video, and show them your support in any way you can! 

 so visit their website at  ..they are offering some pretty sweet rewards 

They have two new videos for you to check out as well, so here you go:

You'll get an exclusive (only for you!), instant digital download of the new album when you donate, so visit their website at 

The Micronite Filters are:
Abel Renton, Dan Reiff, Myke Pulito, Bruce Mackinnon

Thanks for being fans, friends, and family to us. We hope to see you all soon, with an awesome new vinyl in-hand!

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