Friday, September 26, 2014

Monika Leigh and The Swamp Rebels launch at Herman's Hideaway, Denver, Colarado

Denver, Colorado - September 22, 2014 
Blues-inspired singer-songwriter, badass and aspiring rock star recently featured on TV show, The Voice, Monika Leigh will take stage this Saturday night Sept. 27th, 10pm at Herman’s Hideaway launching, Monika Leigh and The Swamp Rebels. 

“On my 12th birthday, my stepfather Leo Aston gave me a baby Gibson electric guitar, (my first). I remember thinking to myself how crazy this man was for getting me, a ballerina, a guitar! One day soon after my 12th birthday I became extremely bored, and attempted to burden my family in hopes someone would pay attention to me. Instead, my mom told me to leave everyone alone and write a song to preoccupy myself. I sat there staring at my guitar, and after about 2 hours of figuring out 3 chords, I began to write how I felt. My very first song was called “I’m Bored.” I’ve been grateful for the experiences in my life leading into amazing songs. With the help of Andrew “Panda” Gordon (Lead guitar), Morgan Harris (Bass), and Cory Ballentine (drums), we have created a gritty blues, swamp rock sound that is bigger than ourselves. We are called: Monika Leigh and The Swamp Rebels.”

For concert and ticket information, contact Herman’s Hideaway 
(303) 777-5840
1578 South Broadway · Denver, CO

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