Saturday, August 30, 2014

Brothel Blues Boss Miss Ida Blue from Brooklyn NY...Saucy Blues With A Nod to Soul and Gospel

Brothel Blues boss, Miss Ida Blue, let's her saucy coos lead members of 
Woody Allen's Jazz Band and HBO's Grammy winning Boardwalk Empire Orchestra

Miss Ida Blue is a female led brothel blues group with support from members of "Woody Allen's Jazz Band" and HBO's Grammy winning Boardwalk Empire Orchestra.  In her emergence, she’s picked up an 8 piece orchestra of sorts, made up of Grammy winning multi­-instrumentalists that set the soundtrack for Nucky Thompson’s reign, old pros with direct lineage to King Oliver, Blues men of the famed Turk Murphy Band, Eubie Blake’s ragtime piano protege, and young prodigious kids thirsty to soak up everything they've got to offer. 

With a repertoire of turn-of-the-century whorehouse blues and a heavy nod to soul and gospel, Miss Ida spits stories dripping with sex, love, loss and no good men. She’s left nothing to the imagination and leaves everything on the bandstand. Your girl will take you to a place that glistens with booze and sweat, offering secrets only her songs can pass on, and an explicit showing of how the blues can be audacious and adorned, loved and lusted, raunchy and raucous.

Born and bred deep in Mill Basin, Brooklyn... long, lanky and shy, she eventually snuck her way to dark clubs and dives to sing her version of what’s true. Easily capable of voice-matching Amy Winehouse or Ella Fitzgerald, you’ll hear an urban mix of grinding city sass and whispered boop. She’s backed by an 8 piece orchestra made up of Grammy winning multi-instrumentalists cranking out sounds of Atlantic city’s boardwalk, old pros with direct lineage to the southern coastal brass of New Orleans’ great King Oliver, bluesmen of San Francisco’s famed Turk Murphy band, Eubie Blake’s ragtime piano protege, and young prodigious players thirsty to soak up everything they've got to offer.

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Miss Blue plays regularly around NY and NJ and has a schedule of festivals US nationally until the end of the year.

"the bluez is my bizness" - miss ida blue

Friday, August 29, 2014

Why So Few Women of the Harp? Liam Ward

This is the third in a series of articles about blues harmonica playing written by Liam Ward.

Aside from the indomitable Jason Ricci getting to up to his old antics (, it’s hard to catch anything other than an ageing man playing the blues harp. Perhaps even more than guitar, the world of harmonica has remained a staunchly male environment for a very long time. Why do so few women take it up?

Vikki Thorn

It’s a real shame that it’s such a restricted group and that the women who do play - when discussed at all - are usually compared only with other female players (e.g. “she is one of the best female players I have heard” etc.)

Now, you might say that the history and calibre of men on the instrument means it’s unfair to compare apples with pears, but I have a sneaking suspicion that women out there doing their thing on harmonica wouldn't like to be sidelined in this way. (The only woman I know in my area who brings a harp to jams certainly wouldn't. If others disagree, please let me know because I’m not trying to speak for you!)

So why so few? At risk of dragging everyone down into a feminist pit of despair, I suspect part of the problem is culture-wide. Just as with any other instrument (or any other arena for that matter) women are much less likely to get noticed if they don’t look the way that some media exec wants them to look, and that isn't nearly as big a problem for men.

I’m sure there must be more women out there who haven’t got the attention they deserve. Speak up and let’s hear it for the girls!

Liam Ward

Liam Ward is a UK-based harmonica player and teacher, and founder of He is a former National Harmonica League Player of the Year and a regular contributor to Harmonica World magazine and Blues in Britain. Liam currently plays with hokum blues outfit The Rumblestrutters as well as appearing as a guest with many other artists.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Buck69..No Medicine Like the Blues...HOT album from Toledo blues rock outfit

Toledo-based contemporary blues rock band, Buck69, now have a second CD under their belt. "No Medicine Like the Blues" just ROCKS with sixteen new and original songs.

Their blurb:
TOLEDO, Ohio: After spending more than five years at number one on the local blues Reverb Nation charts and being voted best Toledo blues band, Buck69's second album, "No Medicine Like the Blues", is the follow up to their 2008 Grammy Finalist album, "When She Whispers Your Name". This acclaimed band is sure to excite fans of blues and rock music.

In 2004, Tom Clawson (songwriter, lead vocals, rhythm guitar), founded Buck69 with his son, Alex Clawson (rhythm and lead guitar, backup vocals, songwriter). They're joined by John "Sevilla" Almaguer (lead guitar, bass, songwriter), "American Idol" finalist Candice Coleman Lange (lead and backup vocals), David Alan (drums, backup vocals), BJ Lovre (keyboard) and Randy Paredes (lead, rhythm, slide guitar).

"I'm really pleased with the outcome if this album. I feel it's the best songwriting I've done and the band did a great job of putting down the music. I think the band can be proud that they were a part of it," Tom Clawson said. The sound will remind listeners of legends like Eric Clapton, Jonny Lang and Stevie Ray Vaughan. That's good company to keep. "Our number one rule of thumb is to be eclectic and diverse. I want you to be able to put our CD in your car or stereo and just cruise, with nothing sounding the same, so you don't get bored," explained Tom Clawson. "When you see us play live, or listen to our albums, you're not getting one person with some musicians backing him; you're getting seven multi-talented people coming together as a team, who could each front their own band. They are all that good."

BUCK69 Official Web Site – Win A CD!

Marty's review: Tom Clawson and his troupe of multi-talented, seasoned professionals have created the blues version of the wall of sound on this, their second studio album. With a collection of 16 all original numbers, they incorporate tight rhythm with slick guitars, shared vocals, sweeping keyboards and sharp horns that all combine as a top notch unit. Add to this songwriting of the highest caliber which compliments the musical talent.

The production values are of the highest standard with not a weak or fill-in track in sight. Trying to pick a highlight is a tough task as each number stands out on its own and is certainly never boring. Even the epic title track which clocks in at 8.50 minutes is an adventure in itself. Repeated listens will have you discovering new aspects and you'll soon realize this is not your standard, run-of-the-mill blues album. These guys are the real deal and know their blues inside out.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Indy...The EP...emerging blues artist with a dark edge and a unique sound

Indy (Davies) is an Australian singer-songwriter who is based in London. His music is a slightly dark shade of Blues with touches of Country, Gospel and Desert Rock. It's raw, acoustic, powerful and, in his own words, "explosive!" He also proclaims he is burning with songs, style, performance and passion, and, after listening to his new EP, I wholeheartedly agree. With similarities to artists like Nick Caves and The Black Keys, Indy's approach to his music has serious overtones that will make the listener sit up and pay attention. This man defies being overlooked and has a future that is destined for parts unknown (!).

Listen to his EP here:

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brandon Jones, actor,singer,songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, new EP release Shot of Bourbon

Actor/Singer/Songwriter Brandon Jones offers his EP Shot of Bourbon which debuted on iTunes Blues charts at #63.  The hidden gems of this 5 track offering are the title track, "Shot of Bourbon" and "Write You A Love Song" which is produced by J-Ideas (REAL Tha Poet, Devine Carama, Charlie Patton's War).

Brandon hails from Brooklyn, New York, and has a resume that's longer than the Brooklyn Bridge itself. A little bit TOO big for this humble blog, so please check out the full story on his website here Brandon Jones Online.

Below are links for music videos for "Write You A Love Song" which was shot solely with a Samsung Galaxy S5 and for "Shot of Bourbon". There is also a soundcloud link to the EP which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Google Music and other digital music distributors.

EP tracks are:
Shot of Bourbon
St James Infirmary
Write You A Love Song

Soundcloud EP link here

YouTube videos here:

Urban Creek Records
"Alternative sounds and themes within the realm of popular music"