Sunday, March 16, 2014

Slide Guitar: The Streamline Special..A Collection of Classic Guitar Blues

There's just something about slide guitar when it's done right, and it's definitely done right here. Streamline Special is something of a history lesson, as well; everyone from Robert Johnson ("Preachin' Blues") and Blind Boy Fuller ("Homesick & Lonesome Blues") to Muddy Waters ("I Feel Like Going Home") to Taj Mahal, whose "Country Blues" rendition is one of the highlights of this collection. There's the deceptively down-tempo "Two Timin' Woman" from Casey Bill Weldon, and Bukka White's "Special Streamline," where he does a train sound with his guitar that puts Aerosmith's "Train Kept a-Rollin'" to shame. Allen Shaw really does moan on "Moanin' the Blues," and Tampa Red and Georgia Tom's "No Matter How She Done It" is a smart, sassy, and frequently hilarious song. This isn't a definitive collection by a long shot, but it's an excellent introduction to the expressiveness and versatility of slide guitar. --Genevieve review

Track Listing
1. Country Blues #1 - Taj Mahal
2. Packin' Trunk Blues - Lead Belly
3. Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil) - Robert Johnson
4. Don't Sell It (Don't Give It Away) - Kitty Gray/Buddy Woods
5. Two Timin' Woman - Casey Bill Weldon
6. Homesick and Lonesome Blues - Blind Boy Fuller
7. Special Streamline - Bukka White
8. Bottleneck Blues - Sylvester Weaver
9. Moanin' the Blues - Allen Shaw
10. High Sheriff Blues - Charley Patton
11. Diddle-Da-Diddle - Georgia Cotton Pickers
12. Travelin' Blues - Blind Willie McTell
13. No Matter How She Done It - Georgia Tom/Tampa Red
14. Hard Times - Curley Weaver/Buddy Moss
15. I Feel Like Going Home - Muddy Waters
16. Come on in My Kitchen - Jo Ann Kelly


claude cat said...

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Marty said...

Hello Claude Cat, thanks for the link to your tumblr page. It looks very cool and interesting. I will be placing a box with links to other music related sites and will include yours. Look for it soon. Thanks for visiting.