Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scottish Rocker Eilidh McKellar - New single, New album, New video and Tour!

“Hold Steady” and Major UK Tour Featured on The Rocker
Debut Album DELTA DEVIL DREAMS Coming Later 2014

“Cool as a cucumber, Eilidh McKellar plays like a seasoned veteran, and some of what she does on her solo here is scarcely credible, considering her tender years. No silly overplaying,
just quiet confidence and genuine virtuosity.”

In the UK, where the reverence for American blues artists runs deep and brings forth legendary guitar heroes such as Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton; the endless grey skies of Edinburgh, Scotland are most definitely not immune to this musical iconography.

Eilidh McKellar, a 20-year-old Scottish born singer and guitarist offers an interesting blend of indie rock, blues, and pop music with a nod toward the new world. In October 2013, her debut track and video Summer Daze premiered exclusively through Guitar World. Eilidh was then featured on LIVE on BBC’s “The Robert Elms Show in February 2014.

Now, her latest single and video are making waves with an exclusive premiere on UK’s own Never Enough Notes, leaving fans and critics alike waiting excitedly for her forthcoming debut album, Delta Devil Dreams.

Upcoming UK Tour Dates

March 31 - Smokestack
April 6 - Greystone
April 18 - Voodoo Rooms
June 24 - The Islington

Management - Guy Eckstine, Iconique Music Group -

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