Sunday, March 9, 2014

He Howls..Mixtape...Raw, Acoustic, Earthy Folk Blues

He Howls releases blues and folk music strongly tied to the diverse American Primitive genre. 78's and field recordings, improvisation and looping, shaped by a small and weird Philadelphian circle of artists. 

Marty's review: If earthy, scratchy acoustic blues is your thing then He Howls' "Mixtape" deserves a listen.It will take you back to those early blues recordings that were done out on the plantations and rural towns of the USA in the 1920's and 30's. He Howls describes the album as "a collection of cassette tape and digital recordings from 2013/2014- all done in various homes. It is free as this music ought to be. Primitive music lovers rejoice!". Well, that is exactly what it is; the blues stripped back to its rawest form with a classically simple approach that's easy on the listening palette. He Howls' selection of numbers includes traditional blues and gospel plus some interesting psych-folk that sounds a little bit "out there". 

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All instruments, barring track #15, are played by one man, often using a drum on the right foot, tambourine on the left foot, and guitar/banjo in hand.

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