Thursday, January 30, 2014

Half Moon single "She Wants to Know"..Canadian band are one tight unit

2013 saw the rise of Canada's Half Moon Run. Its no wonder, given their debut album "Dark Eyes" is such a sophisticated statement, that they've created so much attention.

Their music is full of synth & percussive layers with an extraordinarily powerful lead vocal ably assisted by beautiful harmonies from the rest of the band. To top it off the band are compelling live & with festival appearances at Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading in the UK & touring all over Europe and the US, including supporting Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters & Men, they are one tight unit.

This track She Wants To Know has had substantial airplay in the UK & shows their raw power as a rock band.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Micronite Filters...Chasing Ghosts..down and dirty alternative blues that rocks

Hip groovin', soul movin', foot stompin', mind rompin', truth demanding, universe expanding rock and roll... They'll kick your ass and you'll still come back dancin!

The Micronite Filters released this album 12 months ago but I wanted to give it a feature as their new album "Wizard Blood" has just been released on Get Bent Records

The band are:
Abel Renton - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Dan Reiff - drums
Bruce Mackinnon - piano, baritone, tuba
Angel Valenciano - bass

They have been described as "A rock’n’roll troupe of the best and basic fundamentals: gritty, fun and fried like southern cooking. Meaty guitar tactics, amazing rhythms, and everything in-between... the Micronite Filters are punk for the folk crowd who want something electrifying." - Myles Herod, TorontoMusicScene

Marty's review: the above words are a good summary of the bands' sound. I had to play this album at least 3 times before I could take it off the turntable, it's that infectious! Raunchy and rocking guitar licks combine with pounding drum beats that sound like a locomotive train coming down the tracks. Add to that some blues harmonica, hot saxophone, tight bass lines, rollicking piano and brass that sounds like it originated in New Orleans. The vocals by guitarist and songwriter, Abel Renton, match perfectly to each track and keep pace with the rhythms. The album moves along at a sometimes frenetic pace (just like a train), but not too fast so as to keep you wanting more. My favorite tracks: Train Robbers (with an opening guitar that sounds like early Ted Nugent), Hit the Hammer, Ladies Man Blues and Here She Comes Runnin'.

"The Micronite Filters will appeal to all lovers of the 'down and dirty grooves' produced by the likes of The Black Keys, The North Mississippi Allstars, as well as a firm nod to the older bluesmen from the North Mississippi hill country" - Grahame Rhodes, Blues In the

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Great John Himself...roots rock from Melbourne, Australia..combining blues, ska and reggae

Great John Himself are a roots rock band, combining blues, ska, reggae and rock styles to develop a sound dedicated entirely to getting a crowd dancing and having a good time. 2013 has seen Great John Himself perform extensively at venues such as The Esplanade Hotel Front Bar and The Brunswick Hotel, develop a live show that has won them the Melbourne University Battle of the Bands and a position in the grand final of the FReeZA Push Start Battle Of The Bands at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl for Pushover 2014 and most recently, produce and record their debut EP which was launched at The Cornish Arms on December 7th 2013.

It has never been established who 'John' is, or what it is that makes him so particularly great. All that is for certain is that an ensemble of five males have emerged from Melbourne, Australia in his legacy to preach his message of good times and partying down, whilst refusing to conform to even the slightest of trends or expectations.

Marty's review: GJH have a unique sound that combines many elements of blues and roots music, with a few original features added in that make them stand out on their own. Soaring harmonica, tight and funky bass lines,chucka-wucka guitar licks, cool saxophone, sonic and spacey keyboards, quirky and sometimes amusing lyrics, a rollocking drum beat and vocals by all members that round out their combined talents. One thing these guys sound like they're doing is having lots of fun! Take some time out and listen to and/or download their debut EP. Comparisons to Madness are welcomed by the band.

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