Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Daniel Glover The Heavy Mind Sessions EP release..a voice that demands attention

I have posted about Daniel Glover previously here but after listening again to tracks from his new EP I just had to share my views and get the word out.

Daniel's sound is a raw, acoustic, folk-blues with lyrics that come from somewhere deep down in Daniel's soul and mind and make you sit up and listen. His solo acoustic guitar sounds like he is thrashing at the chords as it builds to a crescendo. Daniel's voice is what demands attention most. It is dark, brooding, raw and emotional and the lyrics are delivered with a passion that can be missing from many singers of today. The voice defies comparison but if I had to make some I would mention Tom Waits, John Hammond and maybe even early Bob Dylan. Daniel however does have his own unique sound and it comes across with a clarity and freshness that makes discovering new music such a pleasure.

Listen to streaming tracks here:

"The Heavy Mind sessions" is Daniel Glovers' first EP and was recorded live in London in August and is released in November.