Friday, October 11, 2013

Down and Up release by Indie Blues Duo SUNSHINE from Brooklyn NY

When you mix jazz, blues and Brazilian roots music with Brooklyn Indie sensibilities the result is pure SUNSHINE. Sunshine's music is traditional blues mixed with indie-folk and can be compared to Muddy Waters and Alberta Hunter meets Elliot Smith and Sparkle Horse.  The Brooklyn based duo of Steve Ferrara and Amy Santos will release their self-produced debut CD Down and Up Blues on Tuesday, October 29th  which will be available on bandcampcd baby, itunes, and amazon.  

you can sample 6 tracks here: 

Sunshine was born one fine day in Manhattan's East Village when Amy sang a song and Steve played her guitar. They quickly realized that making music together was fun, and sounded pretty cool, so they kept doing it. After they relocated to Bushwick, Brooklyn, Steve convinced Amy to play bass too.

Since then they have performed their music in NYC, Montreal, Paris, New Orleans, San Francisco, Austin and Nashville. They play from their gut and heart, but never with their head. Amy and Steve love all kinds of music from different places and eras, but the blues threads everything together into Sunshine's unique sound. As their circle of fellow musicians widens, Sunshine has become a collective of sorts. Their friends have contributed drums, organ, piano, trumpet, cajon, congas, slide guitar, harmonica, banjo and Jennifer to the mix. Every performance is tailor made for the venue, the audience and the roster of musicians that share in it. Now the creative process has transformed into something that's not just fun, but fulfilling too.

Marty's review: Sunshine's debut album is a well produced mix of traditional blues, indie folk and New Orleans style jazz tracks that will appeal to all listeners of quality music. Amy and Steve alternate lead vocals on 8 tracks and duet on 2 others. From the electric blues of "Long sweet Helen", "Rise Above" and "Things That Harm Me", to the New Orleans flavoured "A Thousand Love Songs" and "Finger String" plus the Indie/Folk of "Masterpiece of Mud", "Dry Eyed Tampa" and "Until We Both Close Down", the album delivers in every way. Utilising both electric and acoustic guitars plus other instruments like banjo, trumpet, harmonica and piano, the sounds come together with relative ease and the album flows along without being eclectic and Steve and Amy's lyrics are from the heart with lots of soul. My personal favourites - "Long Sweet Helen", "A Thousand Love Songs" and the electric blues jam "Rise Above".

Amy and Steve hope you enjoy their music, whether it be on you car stereo, from your noise canceling headphones, through a speaker in the window of your front porch or however else you choose to listen.

"Their predominantly bluesy style melded elements from the muddy depths of the art form with catchier almost-pop melodies to create a very pleasing though edgy sound." J.McLean of Forget The Box

"(Sunshine) had everyone in a packed Barfly all riled up and rowdy. The band played their soulful, dance-able songs with contagious energy and exuberance."
 Bianca David 

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