Sunday, October 27, 2013

Buddy Guy and Junior Wells...Alone and Acoustic

 Originally released in 1981, this album features blues greats Buddy Guy and Junior Wells unplugged. Two men, one day in Paris, one acoustic guitar and one harmonica with each sharing the vocal duties. While the material is not new, it is performed with such individuality and conviction that other interpretations of this same material pales in comparison. There are 15 songs arranged into an hours worth of deep south acoustic blues. This has got to be one of Alligators finest releases and is a must have for any fan of these two giants, fans of acoustic blues and fans of the blues period.

 It would be great if more blues albums were made this way. The pure sound of a 12 string guitar and a unamplified harmonica. From the folk blues of "Big Boat" to the John Lee Hooker homage in "Boogie Chillen", the pairing in "Alone and Acoustic" is seamless - you can almost see one person playing the guitar and harmonica while singing.

1. Give Me My Coat & Shoes
2. Big Boat (Buddy & Junior's Thing)
3. Sweet Black Girl
4. Diggin' My Potatoes
5. Don't Leave Me
6. Rollin' & Tumblin'
7. I'm In The Mood
8. Hi-Heel Sneakers
9. Wrong Doing Woman
10. Cut You Loose
11. Sally Mae
12. Catfish Blues
13. My Home's In The Delta
14. Boogie Chillen
15. Medley: Baby What You Want Me To Do/That's Alright