Friday, September 6, 2013

Owen album, "The Pilgrim", recently released...blues rock

Owen Campbell has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old and is one of Australia’s most talented slide guitar players and songwriters, with his gravelly blend of blues, roots, soul and country, with a voice that belies his young age.

Along with his unflinching ability to sing it sweet and play it dirty, he creates a perfect blend of melody that’s simple but right, as is the way with the blues…

Described as “Possibly one of the best performers to come out of Australia for quite sometime, amazing lap steel slide guitar and a song writing ability that belies his years” (Argus News Ireland),

Campbell combines a moving, gutsy, old time sound that marries authenticity with incredible energy.

Its honest music that tells a story, rich with influences from The Band, Van Morrison, Townes Van Zandt, a little Johnny Cash, and the raspy emotion of Ray Lamontagne, Campbell’s bluesy drawl melded with a soulful slide guitar, beckons his audience to join him in his steamy, swampy, growling world.

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