Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eileen Howard....Blues In the Green Room...Live at the Garden Theater, Columbus OHIO

Eileen Howard is an award winning vocal jazz artist making her debut with the blues. She harnesses the genre as one of those rare entertainers with the sensitivity and witty flair to deeply evoke the human sensibilities (especially the feminine ones). Her newest album "Blues in the Green Room" comes off as the charming, therapeutic slapstick.

5 things to know about Eileen Howard’s Blues in the Green Room are,
  • - It’s a live recording that captures all the immediacy and authenticity of Howard’s thoughtfully chosen blues standards and revelatory obscurities.
  • - Howard handles topics that make for unsettling table conversation with the compassionate joshing that comes from a unique inner strength and personality.
  • - Her down-home humor comes out in her rendition of Willie Dixon’s “Built For Comfort,” originally written for Howlin’ Wolf to celebrate, and sweetly poke fun at, his robust stature.
  • - Blues in the Green Room was produced by Howard herself, and was recorded live at The Green Room in the historic Garden Theater in Columbus, Ohio.
  • - Deejay, Jim Spencer, at KHCA Radio says, “My listeners just love it, absolutely. I had so many calls, things just lit up."
Eileen took inspiration from real life when crafting the album’s program of blues. She pairs a soulful and stirring “Black Coffee” with an uplifting “Wild Woman Don’t Have The Blues” for a powerful narrative on heartbreak and transformation. “Those were inspired by two girlfriends whose husbands had midlife crises and had affairs and left them. “In ‘Black Coffee,’ I changed the ending to have the woman not waiting anymore,” Eileen reveals. “These women dealt with loss but reinvented themselves.”

"Blues ties together my acting, my spiritual side, and, of course, my music,” she says. “It brings together all these pieces as a performer because the songs have a narrative and I can really connect with that.”

In a conclusive and reflective moment, Eileen says:  “The whole point of entertainment is to touch people’s heart. I’m a communicator, I like to tell stories, be it lost love or stories of joy, it’s cathartic for people and connects my heart to their heart.”

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a sampler selection is also available on YouTube

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