Saturday, July 20, 2013

SugarBear and The Monkey Tangs..Louisiana blues band release new EP

SugarBear & The Monkey Tangs create dynamic music influenced by classic rock, funk, and blues. The band originated in Lafayette, Louisiana during the summer of 2012. They have been working hard to create a presence in the diverse music scene of Lafayette and its surrounding cities.

The band's vibe stems from vocalist Lynden Segura's powerhouse blues vocals. The rest of the band, consisting of Michael Aucoin, Christopher Torian and Ethan Davidson, back up Segura with solid instrumental work influenced greatly by classic rock and blues. Their debut release, Meet The Monkey Tangs (tracks: "Road Less Traveled", "Use Me", "Confessions of A Blind Man", "On A Train") was recorded at Leap Studios in Lafayette, LA and has seen radio play from twenty-five cities across the United States, the UK, and Greece. It has also sold hundreds of copies throughout the US and UK since February 2013.

free downloads are available on their facebook page

streaming music samples on the official website

The EP is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify!