Thursday, July 11, 2013

Julia and The Basement Tapes...Blues from Sweden

Julia and The Basement Tapes are a young, blues band from Sweden that play blues inspired by Etta James & The Allman Brothers. Members are Julia Tinglöf (vocals) Johan Borg (guitar), Samuel Söderberg (bass) and Johannes Sidenqvist (drums). They have just released their first 4 track EP, The Basement Sessions ("Some Color", "Money", "Don't Take My Heart" and "Crossroads"). Every track is a winner and I especially like their version of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads". Their sound is pure, traditional, raw, electric blues that smokes! Julia's voice has a beautiful, soulful sound that soars whilst her band have a tight rhythm section and a raunchy, searing lead guitar. For a young group of musicians they play at a very professional level and rate up there with many of their counterparts. It's infectious blues that is down to earth and deserves recognition.

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