Monday, May 6, 2013

Josh White....Roots of the Blues

Joshua Daniel White (February 11, 1914 – September 6, 1969), better known as Josh White, was an American singer, guitarist, songwriter, actor, and civil rights activist. He also recorded under the names "Pinewood Tom" and "Tippy Barton" in the 1930s.

White grew up in the Jim Crow South. During the 1920s and 1930s and was in many senses a trailblazer. He became a prominent race records artist, with a prolific output of recordings in genres including Piedmont blues, country blues, gospel, and social protest songs. In 1931, White moved to New York, and within a decade his fame had spread widely; his repertoire expanded to include urban blues, jazz, traditional folk songs, and political protest songs. He soon was in demand as an actor on radio, Broadway, and film.

He was the first black singer to give a White House Command Performance (1941), to perform in previously segregated hotels (1942), to get a million-selling record, "One Meatball" (1944), and the first to make a solo concert tour of America (1945).The first folk and blues artist to perform in a nightclub, the first to tour internationally; and along with Lead Belly and Woody Guthrie, the first to be honored with a US postage stamp.

1:Black and evil Blues
2:Double crossing Woman
3:Blood red river Blues
4:I beleive I'll make a Change
5:Gone mother Blues
6:Little brother Blues
7:Lazy black snake Blues
8:New milk cow Blues
9:Prison bound Blues
10:Friendless city Blues
11:Silicosis is killin' Me
12:Good Gal
13:Baby, won't you doodle Doo
14:Crying Blues
15:Black gal Blues
16:Hard time Blues
17:Bed spring Blues
18:You got to give me Some
19:Wang Wang harmonica Blues
20:Good woman Blues
21:Oh lordy Mama no.2
22:Barbecue Bess
23:School boy Blues
24:Mistreated Boy
25:45 Pistol Blues