Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Willie Dixon...The Big Three Trio

Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy....Once upon a time, before he took to laying the cornerstone of Chicago blues, Willie Dixon was part of a well-paid touring group known as the Big Three Trio. Flanked by friends Leonard "Baby Doo" Caston and Ollie Crawford (who replaced Bernardo Dennis early on), the group's instruments act as tools unleashing the anxiety left over from World War II. This is especially true of conscientious objector Dixon's bass, thumping like Big Ben over war-torn London, offering constancy and hope of recovery...this compilation contains twenty-one enjoyable light blues and pop numbers from 1947 to 1952 sway, sashay, or boogie....Amazon review by By Yaakov (James) Mosher

1. Big 3 Boogie
2. If The Sea Was Whiskey
3. I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man
4. 88 Boogie
5. Money Tree Blues
6. Big 3 Stomp
7. Since My Baby Gone
8. Hard Notch Boogie Beat
9. No One To Love Me
10. Don't Let That Music Die
11. It's All Over Now
12. Tell That Woman
13. Got You On My Mind
14. Etiquette
15. You Don't Love Me No More
16. Come Here Baby
17. O.C. Bounce
18. Cool Kind Woman
19. Juice-Head Bartender
20. What Am I To Do
21. Signifying Monkey