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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Australian bluesman Ivor S.K. new album release "Montserrat"..blues and roots with class

“Montserrat” is the debut album from dynamic blues man Ivor S.K., following hot on the heels of the internationally acclaimed, all acoustic EP “Delta Pines”. Montserrat features 10 cuts that travel the gamut of the blues and all of its closely related tangents, introducing a new sonic landscape with fresh instrumentation, while keeping Ivor’s trademark stripped back simplicity. Ivor also plays all the instruments on the album, lending the songs a uniquely personal touch.

Montserrat is a watershed moment in the career of Ivor S.K., displaying a diversity not only as a musician, but also as a song smith in an evolution that takes his talent and passion for keeping the blues alive another step forward. At just 26 years of age, there is plenty more to come.

A brief spinMontserrat kicks of with the title track, an ode to the picturesque
Caribbean island, in the form of a slinky jump blues showcasing lyrical air with stinging lead guitar work. This West Indian flavour flares up again on the Cuban tinged reggae track I Been Had, but not before traversing the chain gang stomp of Don’t Say Goodbye and the humorous country blues of Ain’t No Cross. Take the Good with the Bad is the epitome of swampy, while It’s Raining changes
the pace, bringing in some slow burning acoustic soul. Take Me Back to New Orleans and Murder Tonight exemplify the albums diversity, the former an uncompromising slice of Big Easy funk, the latter a chilling tale told over a chugging boogie. The album ends with a one-two acoustic punch, starting with the album’s only instrumental, the sweetly southern Indianola, and ending with the wry story telling of Good Mawnin’ Judge.

Marty's review: this is an album you will enjoy from start to finish with Ivor S.K. providing all the instrumentation, all original songs and arrangements. Some very classy guitar work along with a wry sense of humour and an understanding of what the blues is all about, this blues man delivers the goods on this outstanding debut album. Favourite cuts for me are "Take Me Back to New Orleans" and "Don't Say Goodbye". Come on down to Montserrat and check it out.

“Ivor Simpson-Kennedy re-interprets Delta Blues so faithfully you’d swear he was a muddy footed native….In a drawl that sounds like his throat is clotted with Mississippi mud….S.K. floats through originals that sound like they were excavated from underneath the porch of some stilt house in the alluvial bottom lands….please, keep ‘em coming.” -Grant Britt, No Depression

“I’d never have guessed that Australian Bluesman Ivor Simpson-Kennedy wasn’t born in Mississippi – his blues are that good! I’m not sure what about Ivor I like best, his gravelly authentic blues vocal or his smooth guitar pickin’ and slide. Some might argue that his songwriting is his most impressive talent. Taken together the sound is of that of a performer three times Ivor’s 26 year age.” -Doug Spike, Blue Monday Monthly

“With a deep, gritty, smoky voice, he serves up his interpretations with good stories, and even better guitar lines and comping. While his work frequently gives a nod to the great delta music of past generations, it sounds fresh, bright, and uplifting. Listeners fall into his work, losing themselves in the sparsely recorded and produced compositions, traveling a timeless road that opens before them. Ivor Simpson-Kennedy has laid down a marker that establishes him as someone with incredible ability and potential.” -Barry Kerzner, American Blues Scene

FRANK ROSZAK, KBA Awardee 2014 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Introducing bluZ (the band)..a musical collaboration with an interesting story

bluZ is a musical collaboration with a super cool origin story. Daniel Levanti is originally from Connecticut and growing up was fortunate to be always surrounded by music and musicians. Most of his family were musical in some way and every celebration was an excuse to pull out the guitars.

Eventually attending Berklee in Boston, he studied jazz and songwriting, while taking every chance he could to travel abroad, inclining him toward a definite desire to live in a culture that was unknown and unpredictable.

After spending three nights in Prague on a trip from Germany, the stark difference in appearance of the Czech countryside in contrast to the orderliness of its neighbors to the West was immediately attractive. There was a free mindedness in the landscape itself, and the silver chord of the Bohemian spirit stretched a refreshingly safe distance above any strictness of tradition or expectation.

Two years later he found himself with a guitar, a backpack, and a room in a shared house. After only a few months he would meet his first long time collaborator, Jeffrey Marshall, who like himself had just landed on Prague's shores from America, not knowing a soul and ready to begin anew.

Together they formed the band, "Supercool" (see, we told you this bio is super cool). At Supercool's first concert there was one extraordinary woman in the audience. A painter of rare talent, but also a linguist and an actress. Katia and Daniel married two years later, and she introduced Daniel and Jeffrey to many of the luminaries of the Czech art world.

Through their artistic network, they met Vašek Polansky. Supercool needed a drummer and Vašek was the perfect man. Though he spoke little English at the time, he faked it so well that Jeffrey and Daniel thought he was just incredibly Zen. When the conversation went to the extremes, Vašek's expression remained calm and unchanged.

They quickly recorded their first album together, then took it to Nashville and released it on Dave Pomeroy's label, "Earwave Records". At this point Daniel, Katia and Jeffrey began spending more time in the USA, and Vašek had begun playing with Iva Frůlingova. As circumstances dictated, Jeffrey and Daniel drifted apart geographically for several years, eventually regrouping in 2008 to record their second album back in Prague, this time with David Koller on drums, and produced by Tapani Rauha from Finland. That album took 3 years to finish, but was finally released on Championship Music in 2011.

The years that followed saw Daniel play in a number of different bands, but most importantly was "Sidestreets", which he and Vašek formed together, releasing an album in 2013, "Conversations". Meanwhile Vašek formed his band "On Air", releasing an album of their own, and Daniel still regularly appears as a guest with them when he's in Prague.

In late 2015 Daniel and Katia drove to Washington D.C. to celebrate the release of Daniel's book of poetry, "Where No Wind Can Move the Sand". They stayed a few nights with Katia's cousin Anastasia Rurikov Simes ( and her husband Dmitri.  One evening they were introduced to Jay Z. (not THAT Jay Z., a different person who is WAY less famous).

After dinner Jay asked Daniel if he would be able to write some music to a lyric he'd written. Jay sent it immediately after, and Daniel agreed to give it a shot. This was November and Daniel and Katia were heading back to Prague soon for the next six months, so he asked Vašek if he would be interested in recording the song "Blue Blue Ruin", which had still not been written, once he got there. Luckily Vašek had the time, and after two days of working it out, they had the music for the song finished. By April they sent the recorded song off to Jay. He liked what he heard so he continued sending them lyrics.

One year later the bluZ debut album was a reality.

Listen to snippets of the album HERE:

Stream and download the first single Blue Blue Ruin on iTunes HERE

Marty's review: I have listened to 2 tracks from their debut album where bluZ have captured the essence of blues music and show the influence it has on their music. Club Blue is a laid back style traditional Mississippi blues number with some nice acoustic and electric guitar work and Blue Blue Ruin is in a more contemporary style blues-rock with a very bluesy saxophone touch towards the end. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mr Sipp, The Mississippi Blues Child, new album release "Knock a Hole in It"

Mr. Sipp, 'The Mississippi Blues Child," is the alter ego of gospel guitarist Castro Coleman. One of the hottest new names in the blues world, Mr. Sipp made his debut on Malaco Records in 2015, 

On this new release, prepare for twelve brand new tracks of furious fretwork, sizzling solos and vicious licks that have become the identifying features Sipp has built his name on. With this album he is bringing in a diverse landscape of sounds and concepts that is sure to be enjoyed by old fans of the Blues, while also attracting new ones. 

Castro Coleman was born in McComb, Mississippi, on August 25, 1976, and started playing guitar as a young child. Coleman recalls, "I was born a musician. Music was in my life from the moment I arrived; both of my parents were in singing groups and played some type of instrument. It's just a natural part of me." Early on he played in several gospel groups and later took a role behind the scenes playing on more than 50 gospel recordings while also learning the role of producer and honing his skills as a songwriter and entertainer.

Marty's review: Take a dose of Jimi Hendrix, add a dash of Lenny Kravitz, stir it through with some 60's style psychedelic soul, funk and blues and you have one of the most impressive album releases of this year. This man is a multi-talent and has put a lot of work in this album that shows on each of the 13 tracks. His guitar playing is a knockout as are his soulful vocals and the funky brass and tight rhythm sections more than compliment his original songs and delivery.

available online at

also on iTunes HERE

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Jersey-based Danny Petroni new album release "Run,Mindy,Run"

Daniel (Danny) Petroni is a NJ-based songwriter/guitarist and leader of a highly creative and energetic hybrid rock-blues-jazz ensemble titled "The Blue Project".
(see previous post on this blog): )

They have a new CD due out this spring/summer which will feature 10 new songs. It has been 3 years since their last record The Blue Project. Danny said.."these songs were written with the narrative view of a few characters I had met during a benefit concert for the homeless encampment in Lakewood New Jersey, called 'Tent City'."  

Danny's friend Jack Ballo has created a documentary film entitled “Destiny’s Bridge”. highlights American immigrant issues through the eyes of people whom have become homeless due to different gravity of event’s that touched their lives.

The record is Called ‘Run Mindy Run’. The first song “Run, Mindy, Run” is sung through the eyes of an Afghanistan vet, with PTSD. “Under the shadow of the crescent moon…”. Danny..."I used the Tuba instead of the bass on more than a few song on this record. I just love feel and sound of that instrument. The core of the Blue project, Ku-umba Frank Lacy vocals/Trombone, Gary Oleyar on violin and vocals and myself. We have many wonderful New Jersey and New York musicians. I also sing a few songs on the new album, Run, Mindy Run, Bubbles in the Wind and 28 Days."

Find out more on official website:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Canadian singer-songwriter Chris Antonik new album "Monarch"..blues from the heart

We can all suffer setbacks in life, but the heart and soul can find healing in the aftermath. While creating his third album, Monarch, critically acclaimed guitarist/singer/songwriter and Maple Blues Award nominee Chris Antonik (pronounced "AN-tah-nick," not "tonic") focused inward on his own deeply personal corners, against the backdrop of a marriage coming to an end.

Following up Chris Antonik (2010) and Better for You (2013, named Blues-Rock Album of the Year by Canada’s Blues Underground Network), Monarch closes a trilogy of self-expression. Traveling from an earnest desire to give more and make things better to a destination of peace and forgiveness, Monarch embodies an artist moving on with newfound momentum and an understanding of the past.

Though forgiveness is free, there are tolls to pay along the journey. The songs on Monarch cover every mile of that emotional terrain in a blues landscape punctuated by Antonik's searing guitar work. Joining him are Chuck Keeping (Big Wreck) on drums, Guenther Kapelle (Wild T and the Spirit) on bass, Jesse O’Brien (Colin James) on keyboards, Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar on harmony vocals, and others. Monarch was recorded by multiple Grammy- and Juno award-nominated engineer Jeremy Darby (U2, Pink Floyd) and co-produced by Antonik and Ted Onyszczak (Better for You).

"Antonik is a cross between B.B. King and Eric Clapton." - Gonzo Online, 2013

"For that deep, bluesy feeling, you can go straight to the man’s heartfelt guitar and lovingly constructed solos." - The Edmonton Journal

"We don’t have to wait for history to tell us if Chris will be regarded in the same class as the truly great blues talents; it’s already self-evident. -

Marty's review: this latest release from Chris Antonik has everything, from brilliant guitar playing, songwriting that comes from the heart, music that punches with brass, soul and funk and an artistic professionalism that shows in each and every track. Chris has put his all into this release and the results are nothing short of exceptional. 

Official website:

Preview and download album on iTunes HERE


Friday, April 28, 2017

Hector Anchondo Band new album release "Roll the Dice"..hard driving blues-rock

Hector Anchondo doesn’t just play the blues—he lives and breathes the blues. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, he was drawn to those artists who played Fender Stratocaster's like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, but also respected the country greats such as Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr. His music reflects those influences, but with a definite modern twist.

Hector has performed with Styx, Johnny Winter, Magic Slim, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Indigenous, Big & Rich, Fishbone and many more. He’s appeared at South By Southwest and Red Gorilla in Austin, TX, the Warped Tour in Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, MO, and Council Bluffs, IA, Taste of Lincoln Avenue Blues Stage in Chicago, and Coleman Hawking’s Blues Festival in St. Joseph, MO. Backed by his amazing band, his energetic live shows brim with his passionate guitar style.

View and download on iTunes HERE

Official website:


Marty's review: The Hector Anchondo Band bring you hard driving blues-rock on this new release with 10 tracks of tight, punchy, soul injected blues. With Hector's brilliant guitar licks up front and a solid backing that includes harmonica, horns and a very polished rhythm section, this release is one for those who enjoy their blues with energy and lots of grunt. 9 original tracks plus their (7 minute) version of Peter Green's "Black Magic Woman" . Certainly no fillers here with my favourite tracks being "Masquerade" and "Face It Down".

Line up:
Hector Anchondo: Guitar, Vocals
Khayman Winfield: Drums, Vocals
Justin Shexlton: Harmonica, Vocals
Josh Lund: Bass
Matt Russo: Percussion
Eric Stark & Kenny Glover: Horns
Back up vocals: Khayman Winfield and Drew Tvrdy

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Blues and Roots Music Blog....Number One on Google Search!!

I recently received an email from a blog visitor that this blog came up #1 on Google Search when searching for "Blues Music Bloggers". I didn't know this and was very excited. 

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all visitors to my humble blog and to all the contributors who have submitted their details and music. Without you of course their would be no blog.

Here is a screen capture of my #1:

Please come back and visit often and I will do my best to keep bringing you the latest on the Blues scene......Marty

Monday, April 24, 2017

Reverend Freakchild “Preachin’ Blues"..raw and fresh acoustic blues

On the heels of the road, Kerouac and confusion, the Freakchild had just gotten all of his guitars and gear stolen in San Francisco! Bloodied but unbowed he braved on and bought another resonator guitar to continue to preach and play the Blues. Booked out and bound to go he continued on the 3 month 2016 Summer US tour. Doubling down and heading for the Northwest, amongst the gigs and travels he found a silver lining and brought back these recordings from KBOO studios in Portland, Oregon

This album proves to be the Rev's amazing solo musical talent and an artful adventure of turning adverse obstacles into the path of awakening. Enjoy the sonic spirituality recorded in studio with no overdubs - and some mellow meaningful preachin' in between tunes.

The last track on this CD is an A Capella performance from the encore at Yorckschloesschen Blues and Jazz Club in Berlin, Germany with an enthusiastic audience clapping along! This enhanced CD also includes a heartfelt academic essay that the Rev. wrote called 'Transcendence through Music: Buddha and the Blues'.

Marty' review: The Reverend Freakchild dazzles us on this essentially live acoustic set combining Delta blues, country blues, folk and Americana with a few of his philosophical insights that may raise an eyebrow but also delight. It's just the Reverend with his acoustic guitar and harmonica but he puts out a wailing sound that will make you sit up and pay attention. Includes covers of Son House's "Preachin' Blues" and Blind Willie Johnson's "In My Time of Dyin'".
Traditional blues never sounded so raw and fresh.

Available through:

Official website:

Friday, April 21, 2017

Blues/Soul band Rabbit's Foot new EP release "Tracks"

Based out of Fairfield, Connecticut, Rabbit's Foot blends guitar-driven blues with classic soul and funk to create a sound that nods to the musical heroes of the past, while simultaneously having an original and modern touch.  With the newest EP, "Tracks," Rabbit's Foot explores new territories of their sound, overlapped with a perpetual bluesy feel that permeates throughout all of their songs. "Tracks" effectively captures the feel and energy of a loud, live band, as it is all live-tracked with minimal overdubs.  When it comes down to it, it’s rock n’ roll music recorded and played as it should be. 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys release “Never Trust The Living”...wall shaking blues

West Coast Blues with a Mama’s Boys Twist..

Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys have called New Orleans home for a few years but originally formed at LA’s famed blues club Babe’s & Ricky’s Inn and are named after that club's owner, Laura “Mama” Gross. It was there that she encouraged them to develop their own rough and raw style with one foot in tradition and one firmly planted in the present.

The record that starts with a laugh and ends with a spaceship landing! The Music Shed in the lower garden district of New Orleans, LA was the scene of the crime. The band recorded 78 takes of 27 songs over the course of two days and picked the 11 tracks that would best capture where the bands stands. Along with this "Old School" approach to recording, the record is fresh with a palate of lyrics that address subject matter from confederate generals & space visitation, to New Orleans' voodoo. Overall, they successfully struck an original note between traditional and progressive Blues music.

“They sound like sons of Mike Tyson”  OC Weekly

"Fascinatingly uncategorizable...cutting the line between Chicago juke and hipster club finer than it's been cut in years."  Robert Fontenot - Offbeat Magazine 

“This band is GREAT!”- Quint Davis NO Jazz Fest 

sample the album on the official website:

..and also on iTunes HERE

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Marty's review: If you like your blues on the "down and dirty" side then this album is for your ears. With bags of distorted guitars, wailing harmonica and a steady percussion all the way through, Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys take traditional blues, add a bit of West Coast and New Orleans and deliver the blues right at your front door without knocking. With 9 original numbers plus Freddie King's "The Sad Night Owl" and their instrumental take on the traditional "House of the Rising Sun", this album is guaranteed to shake the walls and rattle the windows...please take care!

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Billy T Band new album release "Reckoning" ..blues/soul from New York to Norway

Billy T (William Troiani) was born and raised in New York City, and played and recorded with Eddie Kirkland for 12 years and the Tom Russell Band for 10 years. Along the way, he worked with such diverse artists as Lightnin' Hopkins and Nancy Griffith. After moving to Oslo, Norway in 1997, Billy ran the house band at Oslo's Muddy Waters blues club for seven years, helping to launch the young Norwegian talents Amund Maarud and Kid Andersen (now with Rick Estrin & The Nightcats). 

Like all the Billy T Band's releases, their fourth album, "Reckoning" is filled with songs steeped in classic American soul, blues, R&B and swamp rock. Their last release won the Norwegian Grammy (“Spellemannprisen 2012") for best blues album. "L.OV.E. (Just a Silly Notion)," released in 2010, received that same award and was elected as the year's best Norwegian blues/soul/ gospel release by the Swedish magazine Also in 2010, the band played on Louisiana Red’s critically acclaimed release "Back to the Black Bayou," nominated for two Blues Music Awards.

"This is much more than the blues. ... first single 'Reckoning' is elegant, blue-eyed soul with brass, strings, blues guitar and a sound that points to Stax and Philly soul. ... and 'One of These Days' stands out by having a stripped-down sound with only acoustic guitar, electric bass, Troiani's soulful singing and female backing vocals." - Jon Vidar Bergan, (Norway)

”Music that lives in your heart and speaks to your consciousness." - Blues News

"Billy T Band is one of Norway's leading bands in the blues/soul genre." - Team Rock (UK)

View and download in iTunes HERE

Marty's review: The Billy T Band's latest release, Reckoning, delivers blues roots, Americana, soul and R'n'B in a 10 track collection of original compositions that showcase the many musical and songwriting talents of this fine group of artists. With soulful vocals and harmonies, slick guitar and tight production this album is a delight from start to finish and will please fans of blues and soul alike.

Official website:

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jeff Starr plays blues music on the demo and lessons

Jeff Starr is a filmmaker and sitar student.  In 2012 he began to videotape his progress learning the sitar.  The feedback from viewers was so amazing and encouraging that in 2016 he began to create regular sitar videos in addition to the short films and the Guitar Reviews he was already posting on YouTube.  

See more on Jeff Starr here:

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Watch more Sitar videos HERE

Watch Jeff's short films HERE for his blog about cool music stuff

Guitar Reviews and Demos HERE

Monday, April 3, 2017

Bombay Beach Revival new release "The Devil There Beside You" blues-rock

Bombay Beach Revival" is the soul project of Daniel DeBlanke, a great composer and equally great singer.” - (France)

Already finding fans around the globe, BOMBAY BEACH REVIVAL is the soul
creation of producer and guitarist, Daniel DeBlanke. His latest single, “The Devil There Beside You,” is a protest-inspired timely knock at leadership—quickly turning a good thing bad, and a bold follow up to his 2016 album, Another Soul.

As Bombay Beach Revival, DeBlanke brings a fresh and honest take on guitar-driven blues and rock for fans of The Alabama Shakes, and Joe Bonamassa alike. A Sofar Sounds favorite, DeBlanke is currently performing in Los Angeles with his band, comprised of special guests from bands like Ella Vos, Hands, Western Bells and Robotanists.

Listen to “The Devil There Beside You” on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else music is streaming worldwide.

Marty's take: this one just rocks, it's so hot it's cool, just take my word for it and have a listen.......

Stream the track here:


...and the official website:

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tampa Bay area blues and soul vocalist Lauren Mitchell new album "Desire"

The year 2016 was one of unexpected change for Tampa Bay area blues and soul vocalist Lauren Mitchell. Her romantic and professional life was in turmoil, with the dissolution of a marriage and a parting of ways with her band. But Mitchell is a student of the blues, a music that's all about finding catharsis in difficult experiences. She had an album to make.

That album, Desire, is her most fully realized musical statement yet. Through a bold mix of her own original material, songs hand-picked from the repertoires of her friends, and covers of tunes performed by Etta James, Bettye Lavette, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and Betty Davis, Mitchell tells a blues story that's been a lifetime in the making. It's a stylistically varied set of 13 songs recorded by Grammy-winning producer Tony Braunagel, whose work with Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal and Robert Cray have made him one of today's most in-demand blues professionals.

Recorded during a ten-day trip to Los Angeles, Braunagel brought out the best in Mitchell, highlighting every nuance in her powerful vocals and helping her craft an emotionally resonant album that's destined to go down as one of the year's highlights. Besides Braunagel, the band features guitarists Johnny Lee Schell, Josh Sklair and Jose Ramirez, keyboardist Jim Pugh, bassist Reggie McBride, sax player Joe Sublett, trumpet player Darrell Leonard, and percussionist Lenny Castro. "The blues is a song of victory," Mitchell says. "It's a way to say, 'I'm over it,' and now I'm turning it into this beautiful thing that can help someone else heal. That's what this record is for me."

Marty's review: Lauren Mitchell's new release showcases her emotionally charged vocals and life experience songwriting that deliver 13 tracks of vintage style blues and soul. It will not only pull on your heart strings but  will educate you about the blues in a way that says "hey, I have a story to tell, and I'm talking to you through the blues". A brilliant production with tight musicianship, gospel style backup vocals and a nod to some of Lauren's influences. An all round exceptional release.

find out more on official website:

" A mesmerizing performer with a voice for the ages!" - Jack Sullivan, Blues Music Magazine 

"Lauren prowls the stage like a cat waiting to strike. Her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence will captivate you." - Larry Lisk, WMNF Radio

 "I credit the buzz of energy to The Lauren Mitchell Band, with their lead singer looking sassy in denim and red high heels, purring and roaring into the microphone and tossing her curly mop about with true rock star abandon." - The Scenestress, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

 "She can deliver a fully sensual version of “I Just Want to Make Love to You” ... then go right into a gospel number without giving her audience whiplash" - Paul Wilborn, Executive Director, The Palladium

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kyshona - Soul Blues and Roots From Nashville - New Album out May 2017

Kyshona combines her unique blend of Soul, Blues and Pop with the raw and Rootsy tones of Nashville, Tennessee in her new single ‘Same Blood’, out 5th May 2017, taken from the triumphant full-length album, ‘The Ride’.

‘Same Blood’ see’s Kyshona harness her natural ability for using music to tap into emotion. Such a gift draws the listener in on an impassioned journey throughout her rousing new single, a journey that continues from beginning to end of the album ‘The Ride’. With elements of Soul, R&B and Gospel, Kyshona shows off vocal styling’s reminiscent of Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Al Green. Blessed with production so organic, you can reach out and touch the imagery summoned throughout the unifying “Same Blood”.

‘The Ride’, an emotional and musical road-trip of Soul and Blues takes in a deep breath to observe the awesome sights of a scenic route through Nashville, reflecting on the captivating journey that Kyshona has undertaken since moving to the legendary musical hub. In a town where Soul and Roots music seem to have been long forgotten in its history, Kyshona’s arrival reminds us of a town where Hendrix and Little Richard honed their artistry and where Jefferson St. housed many record labels dedicated to Blues, R&B, Soul and Gospel as the Country Music scene in Nashville was just getting started.

Kyshona began her career as a music therapist, working in mental health hospitals and correctional facilities, writing music with her patients and using music to redirect behaviors and emotions. Kyshona soon found the need to write music independently to help her process her daily experiences with her clients. Audiences often find a common thread of overcoming, hope and empowerment in her songwriting and storytelling as she uses her emotional intelligence to create her unique bluesy and soulful style of music.

Sharing the stage with Michael McDonald, Wynonna Judd and The Big Noise amongst others has seen Kyshona receive several accolades including being named one of CMT Edge’s Top 5 Roots Artists to watch in 2015, featuring on NPR’s World Cafe Nashville Sessions and her previous single, ‘Waking Light’ featuring on major network ABC’s show, Conviction. Kyshona continues to donate her time to youth empowerment programs in her community and performing for the incarcerated.

Watch the video for the captivating “Lonely” taken from “The Ride”, here:

...and more here:

Following her completely SOLD OUT tour of the UK in 2016, Kyshona returns for a selection of special dates throughout June:
June 5 - Stafford, Gatehouse Theatre
Supporting Sunjay
June 6 - London, Green Note
June 7 - Birmingham, Kitchen Garden Café
June 9 - Kirton in Lindsey, Town Hall Live
Supporting Carrie Elkin
June 11 - Leicester, The Musician
June 12 - Shewsbury, The Hive
Supporting Jonathan Byrd
June 13 - Milton Keynes, The Stables 2
June 15 - Maidenhead, Norden Farm Centre for Arts
June 16 - Market Rasen, Festival Hall
Supporting Jonathan Byrd
June 17 - Sedgefield, Durham

Monday, March 27, 2017

Thornetta Davis new release "Honest Woman"..Soulful Queen of Detroit Blues

Thornetta Davis was recently nominated for 2 BMA’s as announced by the Blues Foundation on January 16th; Best Emerging Artist Album and Song “I Gotta Sang The Blues”.

The funky, rocking, soulful Queen of Detroit Blues, has a beautiful, enchanting sound that has been described in many ways. When she sings she has a sound that…

  • Has the timbre like Sarah Vaughn
  • Is sassy like Denise LaSalle
  • Has the soulful passion of Etta James
  • Belts the Blues like Bessie Smith
  • Has the power of Big Mama Thornton
  • Touches you in your soul like Aretha Franklin

It is my utmost pleasure to present to you, Thornetta Davis' new original CD “Honest Woman”.

The Thornetta Davis experience is better when it is captured live and she has been captivating audiences the world over for over 25 years. This CD will be a welcome addition to your playlist and one that you will enjoy with repeated listens.

Please visit her Social media sites:, facebook, Reverbnation, twitter and YouTube

Marty's review: Thornetta Davis will just knock you over with the power and emotion that comes through on this latest release. Combining blues, funk, soul and gospel (and everything in between), this 13 track, all original compositions by Thornetta, is a big production with horns, driving guitars, Americana, sexy vocals and a tempo that delivers like a freight train.  

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Australian blues trio Lazy Eye new release "Pocket The Black"..soul drenched blues

Soul drenched blues. Think B.B. King sharing a scotch with Booker T at the crossroads after midnight. 

Lazy Eye kicked off 2016 off with a whirlwind trip across the South Pacific to the land where the Blues began. Upon reaching the quarter finals, the Hammond Organ Trio became the inaugural band to represent South Australia at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Following the competition, the band played one show only at the legendary B.B. King’s Blues Club on Beale Street, a highlight of the trip, before heading home thoroughly grounded in the blues.

Having clocked up a multitude of miles in their tour van, the 2015 Group Of The Year (Australian Blues Music Awards) has not only developed a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in their home country but has also picked up a swag of accolades along the way including Best Blues Album for their debut release Move Me (2013 SA Blues & Roots), Best Blues Artist (2014 South Australian Music Awards) and nominations for Song Of The Year (Hole In My Pocket, 2015 Australian Blues Music Awards) and Most Popular Blues/Roots Artist (2016 South Australian Music Awards). 

On release, their brand new offering Pocket The Black has been judged the 2016 Blues Album Of The Year (Adelaide Roots & Blues Association) and has been nominated for Album Of The Year at the 2017 Australian Blues Music Awards.

Marty's review: Pocket the Black is Lazy Eye in a live studio setting that captures the true essence of their rootsy blues with soul and delivers it in a straight forward and down to earth way. Keeping the production to as close to their live show as they can, with minimal overdubs and being able to do extra takes, the album is a collection of all original soul-blues numbers with punch and vigor that showcases the professional talents of each member. 

Stream and download the album HERE:

Official website:


“Pocket the black is an album firmly planted in the past, present and future of the blues, a brilliant
collusion of old and new” Made In The Shade

“It’s easy to see why Lazy Eye have been getting the plaudits they easily deserve. It’s the blues done well with soul and passion.” Music SA 

“Whetter’s vocals are gritty with a velvety smack of soul” Sydney Morning Herald 

“It’s a pleasure to see a weather-beaten Hammond fronting a band and even more so when it’s wielded with style. Such is the case with Adelaide blues outfit Lazy Eye” The Australian 

“The universal recognition is testament to the hard work and drive the three piece have applied since their formation just three years ago. Their throwback blend of electric blues and old school rock ‘n’ roll has earnt them festival spots all over the country”  Rip It Up

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